When It Comes to Social Networking, Moms Know Best

Social networking success is easier than you may think. In fact, all we have to do is follow the advice from generations of mothers. "Listen carefully, share with your friends, and don't be afraid to ask for help," is exactly what individuals and businesses must do to be socially effective. A social business is much more than simply having social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc...). There is a big difference between social media presence versus influence. A social business is one that adopts a listening, learning and collaborative culture, aimed at co-creating lasting value for employees, customers, and business partners.

Using Mom's advice can and will enable you to establish a trusted and reliable social persona. The best part is that this blueprint for success is identical regardless of whether you are engaged in social networking on a personal level, are internally facing business, or are externally facing business.

  1. Listen carefully: As Mom would say, "Put on your listening ears." In social media everyone has a voice; listen to what they are saying, there is always something to be learned. Remember, your brand is what others say about you, not what you say.

  • Share with your friends: In social networking you must stay interesting to keep people interested in you. To do that you need to share information often, but you do not need to share everything. Make sure the content that you are sharing has great value; do you make noise that people will want to filter. Do not make up lies or spread rumors - share facts & opinions. Do not air your dirty laundry in social media. Remember, not only are your friends, employees, customers, and partners listening, but your competition is, too.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help: Crowdsourcing is a valuable method of gaining information and useful feedback. Guy Kawasaki recently said in a video interview that he recognizes the power of crowdsourcing to help shape and bring to market his new book APE. Ask questions, be open minded and flexible and adapt your strategy by taking advantage of the wisdom of the crowd.
  • There comes a time when we all realize our mom's really did know what they were talking about. So remember your mom's advice; listen, share and ask for help. Oh, and don't forget to eat your vegetables.

    This post was co-authored by Michael Lytle (Twitter: @Michael_Lytle).