Here's Where To Buy The Millennial Pink Glossier Jumpsuit

You look good.

You start your day with Milky Jelly, can’t leave the house without applying Boy Brow, and double tap on every Glossier Instagram post celebrating natural beauty. If you’re a part of the Glossier gang, well, now you can literally look the part because Wildfang just released a pair of pink cotton coveralls that look just like the jumpsuits worn by Glossier employees.

If you’ve ever been to a Glossier showroom — or devoutly follow them on social media — chances are you’ve seen their employees rocking the millennial pink boilersuit coveralls that are the perfect combination of practical and pretty. Unfortunately, they’re not for sale by Glossier, so finding a copycat pink coverall on the internet has become like looking for a unicorn in the wild.


That’s why when we spotted this WF Workwear Coverall from Wildfang, we knew we’d found something special. It has a relaxed fit with a soft stretch feel, and a zipper and snaps closure. There are plenty of pockets for storing your Generation G Lipstick, and they’re big enough for your phone so you can take all those dewy Haloscope selfies.

The coveralls are available in sizes XS to 2X, and are currently priced at $188. The pink color is only available for a limited time, but they also come in olive and navy, so we suggest snagging these pink cotton coveralls before they sell out.

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