Whoopi Goldberg Calls Glenn Beck A 'Lying Sack Of Dog Mess' [UPDATES]

Whoopi Goldberg Calls Glenn Beck A 'Lying Sack Of Dog Mess' [UPDATES]

Glenn Beck went on "The View" today. It did NOT go well.

Nevertheless, it was DELIGHTFUL, by God. In the clip below, watch as Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg pin Beck down for lying on the radio about an encounter they all had on the train to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Beck is forced, at first, to walk back his "mischaracterization" of the encounter. But then, things go ZOMGY as Goldberg calls him a "LYING SACK OF DOG MESS," which is hilarious. Then Walters freaks out on him for claiming to be a reporter and yet not bothering to check his facts. And really, it just gets even more bonkers from there. Honestly, if you were to take a drink every time Beck comes off as totally disingenuous, you will require a new liver by the end of the segment. DO NOT DO THIS, OBVIOUSLY.


In the second segment, the discussion gets itself partially back on the rails, but only in that the show's hosts are no longer venting their aggravation with Beck telling falsehoods about their train encounter. Beck talks about how he hates everyone in Congress and how everyone should resign. But then Beck gets stumped by a question from Barbara: "What are your real convictions?"

His answer: "I believe in God. I believe in the founding of this country. I believe George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson were geniuses."

So there you have it. Glenn Beck really, really believes in God, the names of some Presidents, and that the United States was founded, somehow, at some point in the past.

UPDATE: Via Media Monitor Teri McCarthy, here's the second part, which goes okay until Walters starts asking Beck for his convictions:

ANOTHER UPDATE: Glenn is TERRIBLE upset at the terrible way the View ambushed him, like they were his Fox colleague, Bill O'Reilly or something!

Glenn knew this wasn't going to be pretty -- but his interview with the ladies on The View was even worse than anticipated, mostly because they wasted an entire segment on accusations that Glenn 'lied' about who said hello to who first on his Amtrak train ride with Barbara and Whoopi to the Correspondents dinner in Washington DC. The saddest part is that not only did they waste an entire segment on a completely insignificant, petty, humorless and incidental point - Glenn had already clarified the point the day before! Tune in to Fox News tonight at 5pm for Glenn's first response to the 'liar liar pants on fire' ambush interview by the ladies on The View.

A LAST UPDATE: Glenn Beck called into his own show today to respond to the way he was treated on The View - something he could have done whilst actually on the show while it was happening but didn't, I guess. This is called "pulling a Jim Cramer."


BECK: Judge, you listen to my radio show. I tell stories. I tell about experiences of my life and everything else, and I told the story about riding on the train with the two ladies of The View, and apparently I was a liar because I said that -- which is true, that she -- Barbara Walters said hello to me. Instead, it was I said hello to Barbara Walters. I walked up to her -- I guess that's what we need to spend our time on for 7 minutes.

As usual, Beck is being disingenuous by reducing the whole encounter to a dispute over who said hello to who first. In actuality, the "story" Beck told was about how: 1) Goldberg and Walters reserved seats on Amtrak, the subtext being that they were acting like some sort of celebrity divas, 2) implied that Walters was unpleasant in her conversation by affecting a mocking and exaggerated imitation of her voice, and 3) implied that it was Beck's great influence and magnetism that caused the View ladies to approach him and seek his attention, when in actuality, it was the reverse.

Beck took leave of his show thusly:

BECK: What kind of person would go on national radio and say he introduced himself or they introduced themselves to him when, indeed, the truth, your honor, is that he introduced himself to them?

NAPOLITANO: Oh, boy. are you going to be back tomorrow, big guy?

BECK: I'm going to hang up the phone, take a little more Nyquil so I can rest medicine.

The answer to your first question is "a lying sack of dog mess." Enjoy getting bombed on Nyquil, though!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Glenn Beck complained and complained and complained that Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters had got a seat on Amtrak reserved. This aspect of the story wasn't of much concern to me. But it mattered to Beck, greatly. As it turns out, this great mystery has been penetrated: at the request of ABC News, Amtrak held seats for Goldberg and Walters.

What remains an extant concern is of course, Beck's depiction of his encounter with Goldberg and Walters. Why did Beck go on the radio and distort the encounter, making it seem like the pleasant exchange that all parties had was unpleasant? Why did he go out of his way to make it seem like the View hosts were "acting like some sort of celebrity divas?" Why did he feel the need to ruthlessly mock Walters, adopting a mocking imitation, and portraying her as some sort of harridan? The two View hosts clearly believed that they had had a cordial conversation, and were obviously very taken aback at the way Beck described their conversation to his radio listeners. And when confronted on the View, Beck's first instinct -- the correct one -- was to apologize.

Beck needs to clear this matter up, because it sure makes him look like a lying sack of dog mess!

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