Why God Hasn't Struck Down Bill Maher (Yet) According To This One Guy

Why God Hasn't Struck Down Bill Maher... YET

God is allowing Bill Maher to live... for now.

According to the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, God created Bill Maher (on which day is unclear) and has given him the free will to think and say what he wants. And Maher is using that gift, naturally, for "profane and blasphemous purposes."

So how is it that God, who according to scripture destroyed almost living thing on earth with a flood, allows Maher to live? Good question. Fischer has answers.

"After a tirade like that, there is absolutely only one reason why Bill Maher draws another single breath, and that is because God is merciful.... Why does God allow Bill Maher to go on these blasphemous rants? Because he is waiting for Bill Maher to come to the place of repentance..."

Not sure we'll hold our breath on that one.

The latest tirade to which he refers was from Friday's episode of "Real Time" where Maher referred to God as a "psychotic mass murderer" for the aforementioned flood.

Maher, an atheist, is notorious for riling up the faithful. The Catholic League in particular has called upon the host's employers to have "a serious talk" with him. Meanwhile, Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle said of this latest rant, "He's so desperate for ratings, or he's really trying hard to audition for the role of devil." She contiinued, "I don't understand what is wrong with this man, but he's dark and disgusting inside."

Incidentally, the role of "devil" was once famously played by George Burns in "Oh God! You Devil," wherein Burns also played the titular role of God. The mind reels...

Watch Fischer's explanation above, and Maher's God tirade here, and let us know what you think.

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