The 'Will & Grace' Reunion Is HERE, And Their Message Is Major

Honey... 😍

Only smiling because of where Eric's hand is! #ericmccormack @seanhayes @meganomullally

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The original cast of “Will & Grace” unleashed waves of nostalgia at the weekend, when they teased photos and videos suggesting a revival of the classic comedy series.

Then, boy oh boy, did they drop a big one on us on Monday afternoon.

Ahead of the presidential debate, the “Will & Grace” cast debuted a highly relevant and hilarious-as-ever reunion episode ― and it comes with one very important message: Vote, honey.

While the mini episode is hardly the full-scale revival the cast had us convinced we needed, stars Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally and Eric McCormack jumped right back into character, giving us a peek into what “Will & Grace” would look like in today’s world.

And, of course, the 10-minute episode pivoted on two questions that most Americans are now debating: 1.) Why aren’t you voting?! and 2.) Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Below, watch Will, Grace, Karen and Jack banter the way we all fell in love with back in the early 2000s ― and don’t forget to #votehoney.

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