Debra Messing

The actor also opened up about the origin of her new podcast, "The Dissenters."
The president lambasted the actress, calling her a "McCarthy style racist," in a series of tweets after she asked for a list of attendees for an upcoming fundraiser.
"Her brilliance burst through and shined its light upon all of us."
The "Will & Grace" star wants to talk policy changes with the president.
The cast members also shared what their characters would be up to in Season 2 of the NBC revival.
Sarandon, of course, responded with a shout-down of her own.
If the horror genre is defined by trends, then this John Cho-led addition — playing out entirely on screens — is the latest pivot toward a fresh source of fear.
The "Friends" and "Will & Grace" crossover you dreamed of is sort of happening.
Ricky Gervais and Debra Messing are among those condemning the big-game hunter.
The "Will & Grace" star described her rude welcome to television in an interview with Sharon Stone.