WIll Smith: "I Am Not" A Scientologist

Fox News ran into Will Smith this week, and asked him about Scientology:

This year, news broke that Will had funded a school in suburban Los Angeles that used one of Scientology's study programs. It seemed like Will and Jada were making a statement. But they didn't actually make a statement.

Monday night, I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the premiere of "Lakeview Terrace," which Will has produced with partner James Lassiter. Jada was there, too. And here's the thing about Will and Jada: they are immensely likable. They are incredibly gracious. Even when Will's overzealous security guard, the size of the Cleopatra column, attempted to block and neutralize me, Smith intervened quickly.

I told him I'd heard he'd given a press conference to the group called Anonymous, which protests Scientology.

"Not exactly a press conference, but I did talk to them," he said. Mind you, Will had just gone to the buffet and was carrying a plate of food. This was up at the swanky new Empire Hotel rooftop following the premiere of "Lakeview," which stars Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington.

So, what's the story? Is Will a Scientologist? "I am not," he told me. The school is using one of Scientology's teaching tools, but Will said, "You can take different parts of things you like and put them all together."

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