CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tells Stephen Miller To 'Calm Down' During Immigration Rant

"We don't have to yell."

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had to ask senior White House adviser Stephen Miller to stop yelling on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Situation Room.”

During a discussion about President Donald Trump’s proposed wall for the U.S.-Mexico border, Miller became increasingly agitated and vocal about the dangers he claimed were posed by undocumented immigrants.

“Stephen, hold on a minute,” said Blitzer. “Calm down a minute, we don’t have to yell.”

“These are important policy issues that we’re discussing, the American people have a right to know where you and the president, the White House stands,” Blitzer added.

Last month, Miller’s hardline stance on immigration was called “a complete repudiation of the American Dream” by his own uncle. 

Check out the clip here: