There Are Women's Marches Taking Place On Every Continent -- Even Antarctica

Now that's global solidarity.

Demonstrators rallied across the world on Saturday ― from Antarctica to Ann Arbor, Beirut to Buenos Aires, Cape Town to Canberra ― to show solidarity with the throngs of protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., on the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Women’s March on Washington organization reported that there were more than 600 sister events planned, with support streaming in from all seven continents.

Hundreds of thousands of activists have flooded the nation’s capital to call for equality and protest the incoming Trump administration. March organizers said that as many as half a million people had turned out for the D.C. event, double their initial estimate.

Linda Zunas organized a rally that didn’t crowd streets or pack city squares, but that did feature perhaps the day’s only penguin-themed protest sign. The 42-year-old data analytics and market research professional told The Independent that a group of about 30 people planned to march in a sister event in Antarctica. One of the group’s banners reportedly read “Penguins for Peace.”

Although they may be the only protesters in Antarctica, they had plenty of support across the six other continents.


Accra, Ghana

Cape Town, South Africa

Jos, Nigeria



Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Bangkok, Thailand

Beirut, Lebanon

Delhi, India






Barcelona, Spain

Brussels, Belgium

Reykjavik, Iceland

Helsinki, Finland

Paris, France

North America

Halifax, Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Oaxaca, Mexico

South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Santiago, Chile

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Women's Marches Around The World

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