Writing: A Family Profession

You aren't born a writer, you become a writer. Some families have multiple doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, etc. But how many families have multiple, successful writers?
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Is it possible to be destined as a writer from birth? Most of the time, writing takes many years of hard work and dedication before anything of significant value is produced.

You aren't born a writer, you become a writer. Some families have multiple doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, etc. But how many families have multiple, successful writers? Creative pursuits are a tricky business, and one would think that writing talent is not passed through bloodlines, but tell that to the following writers whose close relatives are also writers.

Besides the well-known Brontë sisters and the Mann family, here are five more modern families of writers.

The King Family

Perhaps the most prolific and largest of writerly families, the King family is an unprecedented anomaly. Stephen King has been a household name for over 40 years. With over eighty commercial releases, he is by far the most well known member of the King clan. His wife, Tabitha, has also published eight novels. Following in his father's footsteps, Joe King (who goes by the pen name of Joe Hill for the admirable reason of wanting to be recognized by his work, not his famous father's) is the author of three bestselling horror novels and a collection of short stories. Owen King is the author of two short story collections and his wonderful debut novel, Double Feature, was released last year. While his and Tabitha's work differs greatly from Stephen's and Joe's, each member of the King family has garnered the attention of large audiences of readers around the world.

Kingsley and Martin Amis

Kingsley Amis is considered by many as one of the greatest British writers ever, and his son, Martin hasn't faltered in keeping the Amis family name at the forefront of literature. With well over fifty releases combined, the Amis duo will continue to be considered one of the greatest father/son writers for a long time to come. Together, they have been short listed for the Man Booker Prize five times.

Andre Dubus II and Andre Dubus III

Although the late Andre Dubus did not have as much success as his son, Andre Dubus III, it is apparent that he had significant influence on his National Book Award finalist son. What makes this pair particularly interesting is the way that the younger Dubus opens up about his progression as a writer through his youth with his father in his memoir Townie.

The Grossman Brothers

Prominent book critic Lev Grossman is also known for his bestselling literary/fantasy crossover series The Magicians. His brother, Austin, is a prominent video game writer and designer, and the author of two novels, Soon I Will Be Invincible and You. One brother writes fantasy, the other writes science fiction, but each of them are multifaceted individuals who just so happen to be brothers.

The Foer Brothers

Lesser known Joshua Foer is a certified genius, and his brother Jonathan Safran Foer has been hailed as a literary genius, however polarizing he may be at times. Joshua is the author of Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art of Remembering Everything, in which he chronicles his journey to becoming the U.S.A Memory Champion. Jonathan is the author of two highly successful novels, Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. And it's worth mentioning that he is married to Nicole Krauss, bestselling author of The History of Love. If writing is passed down to children, than the Foer name could be heard again a few decades from now.

Writing isn't a traditional family profession, but the select few who defy the odds, prove that creativity may be more interdependent than just the luck of the draw, and immeasurable hours of dedication.

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