But the industry’s political lobbying during the pandemic has been a smashing success.
Its new law requires residents and businesses to compost, aiming to save both landfill space and money.
The restoration effort, which the president's first Interior chief supported, called for returning some 200 grizzly bears to the wilds of the North Cascades.
A motion-sensor camera captures a funny nocturnal moment in South Africa and the fur flies.
Back-to-back decisions to abandon one pipeline and deactivate another show how vulnerable these projects are, despite the White House’s support.
The nation’s 10 largest utilities spent about $1 billion on charitable giving from 2013 to 2017, a move critics say is meant to shape policy decisions.
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was going to be built under the Appalachian Trail through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.
A lack of data and options is trapping people in flood-prone homes and driving inequality.
Experts weigh in on whether dogs can tell a baby is on the way.
The Ohio zoo welcomed a sea lion cub, giraffe calf, two red panda cubs and a baby siamang gibbon in the space of a month.