Digital Marketing

With retail outlets, particularly malls, clearly having a tough run due to online shopping cutting into their customer base, there is a new set of companies aiming to reduce that trend by enriching retail experiences beyond simply shopping.
Doing business today means finding a way to market your company by harnessing the power of the internet.
As time passes you can expect the bond between marketing and technology to get stronger and marketers to get a lot more specialized
For example, if you're in retail and your customer has recently bought shoes, stick with footwear. If they've browsed an
Ephemeral content demonstrates your brand's more lighthearted or relatable aspects, deepening engagement and connection. Content
I arrive at the office by 7am and start my day with my important tasks first, this is definitely when I'm my most productive
Cross Device Ad Serving Cross device ad serving takes the idea of targeted advertisements way beyond a user's singular device
2. Become an Expert Communicator If you're a company that sells cosmetic products like Birchbox, you might create a community
3. It will enable you to protect yourself Artificial intelligence is difficult to define succinctly, but one feature is its
Jonathan Long is the Founder of Market Domination Media®, an online marketing consulting agency, blerrp™, a social media
As time goes on, marketing automation will continue to evolve, with more features, capabilities and integrations - but you
Whenever I walk into a meeting with TV folks, there's one thing I always hear: "Did you read Cynopsis today?" Cynopsis Media's
The 2016 election is a story about story, and there are several things that all marketing professionals can learn from it
The year is quickly coming to a close so shoppers are in full swing. Understanding the latest trends as detailed above ensures
But despite this, engagement still matters. In the first half of 2016, consumers in the U.S. engaged with brand content over
That figure is impressive, but even more impressive is the fact that it's only desktop sales, and doesn't account for sales
Entertainment Benefits Group is among the largest sellers of live-event tickets in the world. While you may not know them
On the other hand, if your target customer is in the market for a big-ticket item like a car or a vacation, then they might
Social media is about listening to and engaging with stakeholders. Establishing a relationship with your followers is more
For as long as we're around as a species we're going to make discoveries, develop technologies, and create new and different