The White House estimated that those living in the new homes will save 35% on energy bills compared to those whose homes are built to current standards.
Critics believe that the governor could have negotiated more effectively with her fellow Democrats.
YIMBYs and leftists have conflicting visions for addressing affordable housing. But a growing number of them are finding common ground.
The NBA star and wife Ayesha wrote a letter opposing a proposal to build up to 16 townhouses in Atherton, California.
Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Wells Fargo CEO, Calls On Him To Resign
California, New York and Texas are running out of money, while other states like Montana and North Dakota have barely touched their rental assistance funds.
Hesitant landlords are another point of resistance in a floundering federal program.
As federal officials push cities to speed up the process, Jersey City has an unusual requirement that has resulted in the vast majority of applicants getting denied.
A federal appeals court on Friday allowed the COVID-related pause on evictions imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to remain in place.
The eviction moratorium expires Saturday night. The White House said it will not extend it on its own.