The agency said in a blog post it had collected the item and determined it was a piece of hardware from the ISS.
“We are returning to the moon in a way we never have before, and the safety of our astronauts is NASA’s top priority," NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.
The last time the U.S. launched a moon-landing mission was in December 1972.
NASA astronaut Frank Borman, commander of the first Apollo mission to the moon, has died at age 95.
Mattingly “was key to the success of our Apollo Program, and his shining personality will ensure he is remembered throughout history,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.
Unlike a total solar eclipse, the moon doesn’t completely cover the sun during a ring of fire eclipse.
The Osiris-Rex spacecraft collected the samples three years ago and then dropped them off sealed in a capsule during a flyby of Earth last month.
The pebbles and dust delivered by the Osiris-Rex spacecraft represent the biggest haul from beyond the moon, capping a seven-year journey.
The actor told The Telegraph what he could offer NASA while promoting his immersive film "The Moonwalkers."
But the study also failed to determine what these so-called unidentified anomalous phenomena are.