Something on the surface of Mars bears a resemblance to a certain animal.
NASA astronaut Nicole Mann and Japan's Koichi Wakata ventured out on a spacewalk to prep the International Space Station for more solar panels.
Last year, which saw blistering heat across Europe and historic flooding in Pakistan, tied 2015 as the fifth warmest year on record, NASA found.
Walter Cunningham, the last surviving astronaut from the first successful crewed space mission in NASA’s Apollo program, has died.
NASA's Orion spacecraft has been sending back up-close-and-personal photos of the moon like we've never seen before.
It’s been half a century since humankind first landed on the moon. When astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first step in 1969, over half a billion people were watching at home for the climax of a Space Race between nations. Twelve people walked on the lunar surface as part of the Apollo missions, and today a new race to return to the moon is underway.
The flight brings the U.S. one big step closer to putting astronauts back on the lunar surface for the first time since the end of the Apollo program 50 years ago.
Challenger exploded just 73 seconds after liftoff on Jan. 28, 1986.
The astonishing image was captured by the space agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.