We've never even set foot on the planet.
Katya Echazarreta, 26, received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and is currently working towards her master's degree at Johns Hopkins University.
"I think it really is just a tribute to the legacy of the Black women astronauts that have come before me, as well as to the exciting future ahead," Watkins said.
NASA’s first all-female spacewalk just got canceled because there aren’t enough spacesuits that fit.
Dr. Mae Jemison joins HuffPost Live to discuss why she wants more minorities to enter STEM.
The Ingenuity chopper shows a new perspective on last year's nail-biter landing.
Footage shows the Martian moon Phobos crossing the sun in about 40 seconds, which NASA notes is much shorter than a typical solar eclipse on Earth.
NASA's latest attempt to fuel its huge moon rocket for a countdown test has been thwarted by a hazardous hydrogen leak.
Nasa has released incredible footage of their Perseverance rover landing on the surface of Mars. The celebrations can be heard as the robot's wheels made contact with the ground.
Using the telescope, an international team of astronomers found more than 250 galaxies that existed just 600 to 900 years after the Big Bang. Because these galaxies are so far away, it took 12 billion years for their light to reach the Hubble’s lense.