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Ladies, would you consider dating a much younger man? If not, it seems that in 2016, you're in the minority. With Texas coming
His vantage point from the survivor trenches is more critical than any perspective from the war room, since patients are the ones who have been routinely left behind in our haphazard campaign for the cure thus far.
Anyone who knew her would tell you that Jill Costello hated to lose. She was a fierce competitor as the coxswain for the
Echoism, in which people never or rarely feel special, focus on others too much, at the expense of their own needs, and might
Recent studies by Americans for the Arts, Giving USA, and others have drawn welcome public attention to the role of corporate giving in the creative ecology -- some sounding alarms and others offering rays of hope.
The largest meta-analysis to date comparing yields of organic and conventional agriculture concluded that the "yield gap" between the two is much smaller than previously claimed and for some crops, doesn't exist at all.
We, at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, have used capillary forces to assemble micro-machined structures -- the so-called capillary origami technique. We believe that Origami is a promising option to reach the third dimension in the micro world.
Three weeks into the experiment of Rising Star, ABC-TV execs are counting on the latest brand of live audience integration and mobile apps to pay off in brand awareness and loyalty. And they may be disappointed.
The news now is filled with reports about the abuse and overuse of ADD/HD diagnoses and stimulant medication. Last year's
Kissing passionately takes two and if both people in the relationship stop initiating the passionate kiss, it eventually goes away. When it's gone, it's sometimes hard to bring back.
The study, recently published in the journal Motivation and Emotion, was conducted by researcher Henk van Steenbergen along
Social scientists have long argued that neighborhoods play an important role in shaping children's long-term academic attainment. This study supports this assertion but also suggests a need to focus on broadening the educational benefits that may flow from economic growth.
More children are remaining in orphanages for longer periods of time, thereby incurring the increased developmental and psychic harm that comes from being institutionalized, while also diminishing their prospects for ever moving into a permanent family.
While experiencing a performance, New Yorkers are likely unaware of the structures and resources that support dance and culture. I believe that understanding these foundations is a key to building effective cases for attendance, patronage, and policy that can move the art form forward.
As your relationship develops, communicating via characters is inevitable and when done thoughtfully, can enhance your budding relationship.
The earlier kidney disease is recognized, the easier it is to treat. Sometimes, simple lifestyle interventions are even enough to keep the disease from progressing.
Through our initiative TeachOregon, school districts are partnering with community colleges and university programs to develop
When used to treat small kidney tumors, radical nephrectomy has been shown to increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular complications, while partial nephrectomy has less risk of progressive kidney disease and has equal cancer-free survival.