Criminal Justice

“The criminal justice system is a pipeline, and it has leaks all along the way,” Dr. Mary Koss told HuffPost.
"That's the way it has to be," Trump said after U.S. marshals killed a man suspected in a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon, last month.
The attorney general dismissed the idea of systemic racism in the justice system and claimed Jacob Blake was armed when police shot him.
In an attempt to bolster his image, President Donald Trump promoted his reelection by pardoning a Black man and presiding over a naturalization ceremony during the second night of the Republican National Convention.
"Survivors are rarely centered in discussions about American criminal justice and violence prevention. We should be."
Newly released bodycam footage shows cops mocking Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.’s cries to Allah before killing him.
Formerly incarcerated people hope that Joe Biden and his Democratic vice presidential choice, Sen. Kamala Harris, will amplify their voices and concerns.
In St. Louis, Kim Gardner survived a Democratic primary amid racist and sexist attacks from the president over a gun case against two Trump supporters.
Police reform seems likely to join gun control and immigration as issues where Americans overwhelmingly support changes, but Congress is unable or unwilling to do anything.
A decadeslong movement to take money from police budgets and reinvest it into communities has seen its ideas propelled into the mainstream.