Criminal Justice

The Shelby County jail has grown more deadly than the infamous Rikers Island, and it's been slow to address widespread problems.
Brent Brewer is set to be executed this week because of a state law that prohibits jurors from being told that a single holdout could block the death penalty.
Progressives celebrated a 2019 law meant to reform solitary confinement. But the state’s Department of Corrections doesn’t seem to be following it.
A 2021 bail reform law went into effect Monday after the state Supreme Court shut down a legal challenge in July.
Don't forget that a mug shot is an oppressive tool; a screaming headline that this person has a past. It is photographic proof that serves as a direct rebuttal against the presumption of innocence.
Trump now faces 78 felony counts in three indictments but has yet to wear handcuffs, lose his passport, post bail or even have his mug shot taken.
The decision makes it more difficult for some to fight their convictions after sentencing.
Across the country, lawmakers are beginning to correct “tough on crime” policies. But many of these reforms explicitly exclude people who are already in prison.
Solitary Watch and Unlock the Box's research sheds light on how frequently the practice, regarded by some as torture, is used in the criminal justice system.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has taken a page from Republicans’ playbook, limiting the power of a prosecutor for being insufficiently punitive.