Criminal Justice

In St. Louis, Kim Gardner survived a Democratic primary amid racist and sexist attacks from the president over a gun case against two Trump supporters.
Police reform seems likely to join gun control and immigration as issues where Americans overwhelmingly support changes, but Congress is unable or unwilling to do anything.
A decadeslong movement to take money from police budgets and reinvest it into communities has seen its ideas propelled into the mainstream.
Rioting is inherently American. Throughout U.S. history, from the Boston Tea Party to the ongoing George Floyd protests, demonstrators can be found fighting for change and against oppression on the streets.
The coronavirus is ravaging prisons and jails across the U.S., killing hundreds and infecting tens of thousands. Now, incarcerated people and criminal justice advocates are calling for swift action to stop the virus from spreading.
Black women are disproportionately victims of police brutality, but activists say they've been left behind and erased from the mainstream fight against police violence.
The Fox News analyst says Biden's criminal justice reform plan is “the same black grievance politics we’ve been hearing for decades now.”
Incarcerated people are forced to pay for expensive monitoring equipment and aren’t allowed to live in some of the most accessible housing options.
Governors have the power to grant clemency to thousands of incarcerated people, but they are too afraid to use it.