The Finnish canine coronavirus detectors can sense the virus by sniffing the neck sweat of travelers.
President Trump sidestepped a reporter’s question about his request to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, then lashed out when the reporter continued to press for an answer.
Rockstars grabbed their stitching needles to compete in the first-ever heavy metal knitting world championship.
One contestant noted, “It’s ridiculous but it’s so much fun.”
To be the happiest country, having the top economic growth isn't necessarily the answer. Are you listening, U.S.?
The world's most prominent trial of universal basic income has ended -- and the first results are in.
With one ridiculously simple policy, it has almost completely eradicated street homelessness.
One popular ranking places it at 20th, behind nations including Finland, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.
The president's comment about Finland's forest raking is just his latest "made up weird thing."
The President of Finland can't recall ever suggesting to Trump that raking could prevent wildfires.