Gun Violence

“My spleen was shattered. My stomach had two holes in it. And my diaphragm had two holes in it," 18-year-old Payton Washington said in a TV interview.
Two young boys fatally shot in a triple homicide at an eastern Pennsylvania home this week were playing with their kittens in the backyard when the shots rang out.
The shooting on a Charlotte, North Carolina, bus reportedly occurred after a passenger asked the driver to make an undesignated stop.
Iren Byers admitted to the killings during questioning, police said.
The violence occurred between two retail stores and involved members of motorcycle gangs, said Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun.
Nineteen students and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary School a year ago after police in the Texas city took more than an hour to respond.
Three people are dead and one person is in critical condition following a shooting at a Kansas City, Missouri, bar early Sunday.
The Republican governor has consistently expanded access to guns and called for prayer as a solution, even as the shootings got worse in his state.
The children’s father told local reporters that the child might have mistaken the gun, which belongs to a relative, for a toy.
The gunman who killed three people and wounded six others in New Mexico was identified as an 18-year-old high school student, authorities said Tuesday.