Gun Violence

Tashante McCoy-Ham and Deion Short learned he'd been part of a 1994 shooting that wounded her, revealing how commonplace gun violence had become in their community.
The officer was stabbed on the scene of the incident, which triggered a lockdown.
A decade after her return to Washington, the former representative talks about her fear on Jan. 6 and how she thinks Congress can take action on gun violence.
Police are citing racial justice protests and routine 911 calls to ask for armored vehicles built for a battlefield — and the Defense Department is buying it.
Lawyers for the bankrupt Remington offered nine families nearly $3.7 million apiece after the company's Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle killed 20 children and six educators.
Defense attorneys for Jarrod Ramos, who shot and killed five people in the Capital Gazette newsroom, argued he suffers from mental illness.
David Keene addressed a fake graduation ceremony featuring empty chairs intended to represent thousands of kids killed by gun violence.
“We will make sure you can’t sell death and mayhem on our streets," the president said in his administration's most visible response yet to concerns about crime.
Ben Turnbull has transformed school desks and church materials with chilling effect.
According to a fundraiser for Jemil Evans, his friend had just received his license to carry and was excited to show him his new gun.