Hugo Chavez

Venezuela once was one of Latin America’s most prosperous countries. The country sat on the world’s largest oil reserves
The Trump administration sanctioned Venezuelan President Maduro last week.
The opposition is boycotting the election, which is expected to hand sweeping powers to the ruling party.
Musicians once considered the voice of resistance find themselves unable to support themselves at home.
The U.S. is working with Minister Avakov of the Interior Department, which has also raised eyebrows. Foreign Policy writes
Castro's death won't necessarily weaken the Venezuelan government. The frequent trips to Havana to seek counsel will surely
In 2000, the Green Party candidate had siphoned off enough progressive votes to assure Bush's victory and the disasters that followed. In 2016, a vote for the Libertarian or Green presidential ticket is a vote for Trump. It is existentially essential to vote for Hillary Clinton.
The display of anger followed a vast march in Caracas on Thursday that opposition leaders say has emboldened President Maduro’s foes after 17 years of socialist rule.
Sixteen years ago, U.S. President George W. Bush began exploring deeper integration opportunities with Latin America. The
And it's not just because they both talked about their penis size in public.
In Venezuela, the state has created hunger games and these games have morphed into war -- a war of the state against citizens and a war of citizens and against citizens.
Among the possible future scenarios for Venezuela are: Like so many other resource-risk nations that have suffered from the
At the time, I led the Americas Program at The Carter Center, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting peace
The comparative exercise requires us to calculate the real GDP (absent inflation) and do so in U.S. dollar terms for both
Venezuela is at the mercy of its fluids. For a country that depends on oil for 95 percent of its exports, the prolonged drop