Jim Acosta

"It’s so fundamentally wrong to do that," the CNN host said.
The president claimed Obama left behind "bad, broken tests" for a virus that didn't exist yet.
The president has repeatedly downplayed and even lied about COVID-19, leaving health officials to counter his misinformation.
For the first time, Twitter feeds will show a “manipulated media” tag on a video shared by President Donald Trump.
Critics suggested the Trump administration is more concerned with managing the optics of the outbreak, rather than the outbreak itself.
The White House correspondent and the president sparred during a news conference in New Delhi.
The on-air reporter had an unexpected performance in the background.
Besides, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is going to spend $400 billion on "different things" in the U.S., according to Trump.
Jimmy Kimmel said the CNN White House correspondent's holiday-themed anecdote was “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard."
CNN's White House reporter cautioned what could happen when Donald Trump is no longer in office.