Jim Acosta

Besides, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is going to spend $400 billion on "different things" in the U.S., according to Trump.
Jimmy Kimmel said the CNN White House correspondent's holiday-themed anecdote was “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard."
CNN's White House reporter cautioned what could happen when Donald Trump is no longer in office.
When Trump first "called us ‘fake news’ it was, in his mind, an act," CNN's White House reporter says in his new book.
Fox News' primetime hosts celebrated. Others took a more measured tone.
The CNN reporter compared the language in the manifesto of the alleged gunman in the New Zealand mosque shootings to that used by Donald Trump.
"I think this was a big debacle for this White House press shop from start to finish," said CNN's Jim Acosta.
In a clash with CNN's White House correspondent, the president pointed to "angel moms" at the Rose Garden to support his point on crime.
Twitter users have a civics lesson for Trump after his latest complaint.
The correspondent snaps back at the president: "I didn't see an invasion."
It followed a Twitter feud between the journalist, the president and his son.
The news network's White House correspondent said Trump recycled rhetoric from his campaign rallies for his Oval Office address.
"Like I said, I haven’t ruled it out," he said. "I’m a long way from there, but somebody needs to and I think that the country needs to be reminded of what it means to be conservative."
Many bashed the retiring senator for letting Trump have his way far too often.
The president hates the notion that he is sometimes in need of "adult daycare," said the CNN White House correspondent.
Reporters could have their passes suspended or revoked for asking more than one question.
A letter from the White House to Acosta also included revised rules for how to behave during presidential press conferences.
The administration has pulled a 180 on its plans to once again revoke Jim Acosta’s press pass.