Jim Acosta

"You should not look up at the eclipse. Don’t do that," the newsman told viewers. "That that will damage your eyes. The president of the United States did it some years ago."
Patti Davis says the Republican Party is now “diametrically opposed” to what her father believed.
The lawmaker used an unusual strategy for questions from CNN's Jim Acosta about Trump's "poisoning the blood" rhetoric.
“A lot of people listen to what you just said and said, ‘Wait a minute, it is your job to fix this,’” Acosta told the GOP lawmaker.
“I’m still trying to sort it out... this all feels very arbitrary and a little frenetic,” Acosta said on Sunday.
“If you were to extrapolate this out and engage in this fantasy, I mean does he think the U.S. Air Force is coming?" Acosta asked.
The CNN host took the former president's Cabinet official to task for dancing around the election results nearly two years later.
Trump is coming to Washington this week at the invitation of the far-right America First Policy Institute to present a kind of "State of the Union" speech.
“If you’re having a coup and summoned everybody, and aim to be anointed as the head of a new illegitimate government, you have to be there,” says historian.
The board member, a Kansas Republican judge, repeatedly dodged questions. "I’m not the one that pulled the trigger," he said.