Politics and National Security

National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin calls her sources "unimpeachable" — unlike Trump.
President Donald Trump earlier said he plans to have “everybody,” including various law enforcement officials, guard against voter fraud.
The leading contenders include California Sen. Kamala Harris, California Rep. Karen Bass and Obama national security adviser Susan Rice.
The lawsuit asks a court to order the militarized federal squads to stop using excessive violence to silence peaceful protesters.
Trump’s use of federal security forces against protesters in Portland has set up an inevitable battle over the role of America’s most dystopian federal agency.
“I stood there with my hands by my side, and they started whaling on me,” said Chris David after he challenged the men on their allegiance to the Constitution.
House Democrats are seeking an investigation into the Trump administration's use of force against anti-racism demonstrators.
Elaine Duke, the former acting head of homeland security, claimed to the New York Times that President Donald Trump looked to “divest” Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria struck the island.
One source described the nature of the calls between Trump and Putin as sounding like “two guys in a steam bath.”
“The horse, as we used to say in Texas, seems to be out of the barn,” U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington said at a hearing.