Politics and National Security

After a week of wrangling, the bill will go to the Senate with a shorter renewal period than originally sought.
The trial could be over very quickly due to bipartisan Senate opposition to ousting President Joe Biden's secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.
The House speaker said "steady hands are at the wheel" as America's leaders work together to address the issue.
Republicans know it's a political stunt. But if they can help Trump look tough on border security ahead of the presidential election, who cares!
In a stunning defeat for GOP leaders, a handful of Republicans joined Democrats in condemning the effort as bad politics, bad policy and unconstitutional.
The House's efforts are a “cynical political maneuver,” Biden's administration said.
Mayorkas is the first immigrant and the first Latino person to serve as secretary of homeland security.
Officials also pointed to the ongoing scourge of illicit drugs, mainly fentanyl, as a danger to Americans.
Adel Daoud was sentenced to 16 years in prison over a faked 2012 bomb plot, despite questions of entrapment and mental competence. Now an appeals court wants to hit him harder.
Some of the compromised documents seized at his Florida country club included information from intel officers and foreign agents working on behalf of the U.S.