Ronald Reagan

The would-be assassin and aspiring country singer made the comment after his latest concert was postponed indefinitely.
Reagan was the oldest person ever elected president when he first assumed office at 69 years old.
Patti Davis says the Republican Party is now “diametrically opposed” to what her father believed.
The problem for Pence and the others running against his former boss: Today’s GOP voters appear to favor the coup-attempting former president over their longtime icon.
Peter Wehner said evangelical support for Trump is a "tremendous indictment" of that religious community.
The former vice president will reach into the past to boost his profile as he reportedly is soon to announce his 2024 bid.
The GOP hawk referenced Ronald Reagan on Fox News in suggesting a provocative response to the collision over the Black Sea.
Michael Reagan, chairman and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation, questioned the Arizona Republican's appearance at CPAC.
Mark David Chapman said the decision to kill the former Beatle was “my big answer to everything. I wasn’t going to be a nobody, anymore.”
Democrats have introduced a series of bills targeting the court on specific issues like abortion and changes to its makeup.