Ronald Reagan

Democrats have introduced a series of bills targeting the court on specific issues like abortion and changes to its makeup.
The would-be assassin, now granted total freedom, is hoping to launch a singing career.
As Pride Month kicked off, Jill Biden celebrated a new postage stamp of Nancy Reagan, whose husband’s administration ignored gay men dying of AIDS.
A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, is “no longer a danger to himself or others.”
After Hinckley announced the show, at least three people asked him on Twitter if he needed an opening act.
The university will pay $243.6 million to 203 women who said they were groped or otherwise abused by Dr. James Heaps over a 35-year career.
The "Last Week Tonight" host exclaimed "WTF" to a common complaint about people who live on the streets.
A federal judge says the man who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan can be released unconditionally from the restrictions he's been living under next year.
Can Biden turn the page on the Reagan era and start anew?
The Ohio Republican tried to channel the Gipper. It didn't go well.