Ronald Reagan

Questioning "mutual assured destruction," Charles Kupperman called nuclear conflict "in large part a physics problem."
A new study demonstrates that racist dog whistles work.
The California newspaper wrote in an editorial that Trump is “simply playing to a constituency that was cultivated over decades by people like Nixon and Reagan."
"The Daily Show" host said Reagan now "officially has a racist asterisk next to his name."
"There is no defense, no rationalization, no suitable explanation for what my father said on that taped phone conversation," Patti Davis wrote in The Washington Post.
Then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan called African delegates to the U.N. “monkeys” in a phone call with President Richard Nixon.
Reagan made the offensive comment about African delegates at the United Nations in a 1971 telephone call.
William Perry Pendley argued that the "Founding Fathers intended all lands owned by the federal government to be sold."
The workers, who prepare in-flight meals and snacks, are demanding a minimum wage of $15 and threatening to go on strike.
CNN host says the president failed to find "the best words" this time.
The president shared a 2017 post from a now-suspended account that featured a fake quote about himself that was attributed to former President Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan occupied the White House the last time Madge and the Boss held the top two spots on the charts.
A Memorial Day tribute to U.S. military service members included the congresswoman among "enemies of freedom."
“I wanted to see how far I could get,” Mark Lindblom, 19, told a federal judge.
The Fresno Grizzlies apologized for not properly vetting the clip shown between games of a Memorial Day doubleheader.
Old footage of the two future presidents offers a stark contrast to the GOP of today.
As Democrats eye their 2020 White House candidates, it's best to recall that the "electability" path is littered with the bodies of losers.
“You stay silent when... Trump speaks of immigrants as if they are trash, rips children from the arms of their parents and puts them in cages,” said Patti Davis.
Patti Davis said her dad would be "horrified" and "heartbroken" by the state of the U.S. and the Republican Party under Trump.