Super Tuesday

They might not love him. But they like him ― and they think he can beat Trump in November.
On Super Tuesday, voters in Texas had to deal with long lines at polling places which could prove to be disastrous come November.
As the senator exits the 2020 presidential race, her supporters wonder if they'll ever see a woman president.
Late night comics focused their shows on former Vice President’s Joe Biden’s rise on Super Tuesday.
"The Late Show" host's savage impression captured the candidate in bitter Bernie mode.
Joe Biden surged in the race, leaving the Vermont senator to rethink his campaign strategy to win the Democratic nomination.
Sanders' strategy was premised on a divided electorate. That all changed with Super Tuesday.
Polling place closures in Black and Latino communities led to long lines on primary day and will hurt November's contest.
"We just dodged a bullet ― a Bernie bullet," one of the Democrats said.
He acknowledged that he still needs to do some work in turning out young voters, and he hit the "corporate media" for not treating him fairly.