“What is actually in my food?” It is a question more and more people are asking these days as they learn about the prevalence
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Did you know that when you order something as simple as an egg, you could instead be getting much more than just a whole
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Senators saw only a small fraction of the records relating to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The public saw even fewer.
The videos may show officers who've been criticized for failing to engage the alleged gunman.
Facebook's first community standards enforcement report shows the company is "trying to be as open as we can,” an executive said.
By doing so, Trump and his staff may be violating federal record keeping laws.
But Republicans have already voted to let Trump keep his tax returns secret.
1. Debates about presidential secrecy are as old as the founding fathers. According to Eisen, the framers of the constitution
The vote occurred as protesters shouted "Shame!" and "Respect our votes!"
Our broken system thrives on quid pro quo campaign contributions, Super PAC expenditures and lobbyist schmoozing that are little more than legalized bribery.
One of President Trump's best tools to "drain the swamp" is under threat from his own side. A mere four days after he took office, Republican Congress members began attacking a key piece of anti-corruption legislation.
The civil liberties group laid out a seven-point plan to protect Americans' rights in the Trump era.