A pair of Senate Republicans released a politically charged report on their investigations into Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his dealings in Ukraine.
A Ukrainian lawmaker with Russian ties was sanctioned for trying to hurt Biden with a false smear — a smear Trump, his lawyer and his favorite TV network still push.
Napolitano called Trump's pressure on Ukraine's president to investigate baseless accusations against Joe Biden "criminal and impeachable."
Sen. Ron Johnson will not say where material to investigate Joe Biden is coming from, but a former pro-Russian lawmaker in Ukraine has said he is a source.
The photo was taken during pro-democracy protests in Ukraine in 2014.
Ukrainian journalist Marichka Padalko said the incident was "probably my most curious experience in 20 years as a presenter."
Vindman, a key witness in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, is retiring over alleged “bullying” by the president.
The former national security adviser says the president has no problem "endangering or weakening the nation" if it helps him win reelection.
In a March letter, Obama's office described the investigation into Joe Biden's ties to Ukraine as an effort to “shift the blame" for Russia's 2016 election meddling.
Greenpeace Russia warned Monday that the fires, which have been burning for more than a week, could disperse atoms that emit radiation.