A somber mood hangs over Ukraine as the war against Russia enters its third year.
The U.S. Treasury Department plans to impose more than 500 new sanctions on Russia and its war machine.
While a discharge petition is unlikely to succeed and is a lengthy process, it would up the political pressure on Republicans.
The body of a man found near Alicante is believed to be Maksim Kuzminov, who flew a Russian army helicopter on his escape across the front lines with Ukraine last year.
The news comes as the two-year anniversary of the war approaches.
"Our actions are limited only by ... our strength," the Ukrainian president said while announcing he was withdrawing troops from the eastern city of Avdiivka.
Congress will be out of town next week, but lawmakers swear they have not forgotten Ukraine as the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion nears.
The Senate may have passed a foreign aid package for Ukraine, but the debate over countering Russian President Vladimir Putin is still roiling within the GOP.
The record of petitions to bypass opposition by a House speaker is historically poor.
Three committee chairmen have been outspoken in their support of Ukraine. With aid at a critical juncture, what will they say now?