This alternative medicine treatment is said to help with anti-aging and even acne. Acupuncturists and dermatologists weigh in.
Why have we built PTSD up to the point where some feel the need to rename it so people get help?
The passing of Chris Cornell sparked stunned sadness in many people, in no small part because his lyrics, music, and signature
Besides seeking medical help, what else can you do to keep stress levels at a tolerable level?
Dogs might be man's best friend, but cats are our purr-fect companions.
Presented by Tidy Cats
I don't need to keep hearing about overpopulation either.
New guidelines champion alternative treatments over drugs.
When my first born was 18 months old, I took her to a Gymboree Play & Learn class. It will be fun, they said. Your child
The JAMA writer concluded by quoting an orthopedic physician on medical doctors' "tendency to default to medications" because
• Chiropractic care. Proper alignment prevents your dog's body from shifting into unhealthy positions to compensate for an
The Five Eras for Integrative Health and Medicine The day of the publication of "Rise" I attended the biannual conference
With hot flashes often lasting longer than seven years, we'll try anything.
Medical tourism increasingly takes place beyond hospitals. Forging a new definition of "mobile health," cruise ships now
This omission in treatment options is unfortunate, as acupuncture has a long history of being used as effective pain relief