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Red Bull has unveiled the winners of its international competition.
Chlumska successfully completed the Seven Summits in 2014. The sequence of her climbs was: Mount Everest (1999), Mount Kilimanjaro
I swear I trained, but only the week before because running a ukulele festival and playing banjo and touring and performing folk music is not particularly good training for the A.T. A week before departure, I started training on a North Carolina mountain loop.
Nik Wallenda is a 7th generation member of the legendary Wallenda family. Known world-wide for his incredible feats upon the high wire and beyond, Nik is the holder of 10 world records.
Last year was a crazy year for me personally and professionally and I was in serious need of a "Girl's Gone Wild" trip, but not the kind you are probably envisioning.
Team Vestas Wind is currently trying to get back in the race, even though they would probably have to build an entirely new
Veracruz isn't the Mexico you are used to, and you'll thank us for that. Let your adrenaline loose for less, and get a taste of the real Mexico while you're at it.
The path to starting and scaling a venture-backed business is defined by a series of hurdles and gateways that become more challenging as you move through each one.
When people moan about being too old to learn this sport or that, I usually want to scoff. Abilities often have way more to do with your enthusiasm and fitness level than any arbitrary number does.
Yep, there's a person in that waterfall. When most people see a 500 foot waterfall, they freeze in their tracks, gawk at
The idea was “born out of frustration,” according to the site’s founders, who, even as experienced adventurers, had difficulties
Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is by far one of the most popular water sports growing at a rapid pace in India expanding its
Since falling in love with climbing last summer I thought and talked ceaselessly about climbing in Vietnam. The fairytale HaLong Bay, home to some 2,000 (or 3,000 depending who you ask) islands in the Gulf of Tonkin, is a neverland dream for climbers.
Chamonix is a haven for an international set of outdoor adventurers, well-heeled visitors and independent travelers. Bar none, it is the crème de la crème for perennial mountain climbing.
Who would have thought that on top of 2,470-foot-high Magreglio, a small province of Como in Lombardy, Italy, there's a cycling chapel which all the cyclists flock to like pilgrims?
I've had an incredibly fortunate life. Food, water, shelter: I've never worried about the basics. Additionally, I've discovered