affordable wedding

Prices of weddings will continue to rise, people will get busier and busier, and the demand for traditional weddings will decline. Pop-up weddings are here to stay and will be seen as a common wedding option in the future.
With the average price of an American wedding over $31,000, it's no wonder this special occasion can easily become a financial hardship.
Affording every lust-have is simply out of the window, and we have to start looking at ways to keep our costs down. If you are a couple who wants to be thrifty with your money, here are 10 ways to cut the costs of planning your wedding.
Are bridal attendant and guest expenses getting out of control? If you are mother of the bride or mother of the groom, how do you feel about these costs for friends and family members? What would you do about it?
In his piece, Oremus claims that vendors use the survey data to set their prices, but both Gonzales and Southerland disagreed
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With the average wedding now costing more than $28,000, couples may need to get creative to cut their budgets. On Tuesday
Using some basic craft supplies, you can DIY your wedding and wedding leftovers like a champ!