alexis arquette

The star of Hulu's "The Act" said she was "in mourning every day" after Alexis' 2016 death.
The transgender actress's 2016 passing was "really painful," her sister said.
"There’s still such a societal shame about HIV and AIDS, that people carry around with them,”
The rock legend honored a trans icon during his performance of "American Girl."
“I’m not going to not notice what’s happening to my brothers and sisters all over the place. I can’t ignore that.”
"We ― LGBTQ people and allies ― don’t do silence," she said.
On Sunday, the first news of the passing of actor/performer/L.A. nightlife icon Alexis Arquette came from Arquette’s brother
An xHamster rep said the company didn't want the star's memory "smeared" by the tape.
Most people who die of AIDS actually die of related infections, not the virus itself.