amicable divorce

Divorce is tough, even when -- as in my case -- you are able to pull it off without lawyers and without mediation. It is hard even when, as I experienced, you are terribly unhappy in your marriage for quite some time
America's beloved celebrity couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, known colloquially as "Bennifer" marked their 10 year anniversary this week with a divorce.
You've tried your hardest for years, but you just can't seem to make it work. You want out of your marriage. But how do you bring up the topic of divorce to your spouse without devastating them or triggering an all-out war?
Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have the best divorce ever. Lucky my ex is a good dad. Lucky my ex and I are not psychopaths. Lucky we get along. In general, everyone is so happy... Except for us.
Now, we're guessing you already know that you can get a divorce if you really want to. But you're smart enough to recognize that if you force the issue, things may take a turn for the worse.
While most people believe a finalized divorce means no more negotiations, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that arise after the divorce. As children develop, new issues need to be dealt with.
Some divorce stories are really, really sad, some are confusing, some outrageous, some infuriating, and some horrifically shocking. But, I have found that there are some with happy endings, and some that are inspiring and hopeful.
I have a girlfriend who was just starting down the journey of divorce. She knows that I've been divorced for over 10 years and have an amicable relationship with my ex.
Even in the most amicable divorce proceedings, people expect disagreement, but what happens when the parties disagree on the very basic issue of whether to get divorced?
The possibility of longer, more vibrant lives is unbelievably exciting and terrifying, and because of my work, it takes me straight to the marriage questions: with the average American woman getting married at the age of 27, what does a 120-year marriage look like?
Sure, we all like to think that we divorced amicably and still get on well with our exes. But are you close enough to your
Emotional "Frankenstorms" are explainable, understandable even. But they still cause damage in our relationships
After seeing so many students struggle, this teacher learned a lesson about co-parenting peacefully.
As an author, I dread one thing: radio Interviews. Especially live ones.
The phenomenon of couples divorcing after the age of 50 has grown exponentially in the past two decades.
If you want a "good divorce" -- one that is amicable, based on mutual cooperation and fairness -- don't leave it to chance. Here's eight tips for obtaining a good divorce.
Let's face it. If you don't want an expensive court battle (and you don't use a gun or you don't hypnotize or lobotomize
Some of the most damaging divorces are the most amicable ones