Amy Brenneman

“The word ‘Christian’ has been stolen in 2017 in America by the Christian right.”
Actress Amy Brenneman has been a pro-choice advocate for many years, and underwent an abortion when she was a 21 year-old college student. "It's important for women who have had abortions to speak out and not be ashamed."
"When I learned I was pregnant, I knew immediately and without question that I wanted an abortion."
"When I was 21, I terminated a pregnancy and was so grateful."
She also explained how she keeps her part interesting without uttering a word. “You also feel self conscious, like its really
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We're in a liberated America, but the point of the play is to expose the frequent clash between instinct and intellect as women enjoy the fruits of modernity while dealing with men who rarely conform to the supposed advances of a post-feminist America.
If we all adopted Malala's attitudes, we'd be much closer to protecting and empowering women and girls around the globe. Yet, here's the great news: we don't have to endure personal tragedy in order to take a stand for equality. Even simple actions can create change.
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