art forgery

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then Vettriano should be quite pleased, as should dozens of other artists -- even amateurs like Sir Winston Churchill -- because Henty has made a career out of selling fakes of their works.
He sold 125 of them for $6 million at auction.
Art and Craft bears witness to the stigma of mental disorders and the difficulty individuals with these illnesses experience in receiving treatment by others that is respectful, without blame for their condition or judgment of the way in which they present themselves.
Edwards, however, isn’t having any of it. “We are waiting for him to return ALL the money by the end of business tomorrow
The artist, Pei Shen Qian, 75, was also indicted but is suspected to have fled to China. Qian was selling his own art in
There is another chapter to Ken Perenyi's life that was omitted from his autobiography, and that is the chapter of how he used his ill-gotten gains to rescue a child from sex slavery and, as the FBI closed in on his forging escapades, found himself an unexpected parent to a Ghanian child.
Andy Warhol (Mao) "It's an anonymous group show for a bunch of artists who will never come forward," artist and co-curator
New dirt, more scandals. They pour out of a book that profiles the curators, city planners and barons of American high society, anyone with oversized egos, through a dual thread that captures the history of New York City and the United States.
After enduring the Great Recession, the public has shown a backlash against the $25 admission fee for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, which charges it as a "donation."
Value is relative, and whether a work of art is a forgery should not matter if the work of art gives you fulfillment.
The "vivacious dandy" Amedeo Modigliani has been dead for nearly a century, yet his name continues to creep into some of
Vilified by institutions and applauded by outsiders, art forgery has been much discussed as a crime. The time has come to look at great forgeries as high art.
A couple of recent books illustrate our fascination with the arcane world of art forgery. Perhaps, in this Internet age, when so little seems to be truly original, the subject of how to produce a master forgery that will fool all the experts seems particularly relevant.
Like a method actor who lives the role he plays with such intensity and focus that he begins to instinctively move and think like the character he is playing, an art forger needs to channel his ancestral muse so that he can envision a convincing -- and compelling -- fabrication.
For all the forgers' mastery of art, there remains the troubling issue of morality. What does it mean to turn such a phenomenal skill toward criminal ends? And just how criminal is it, really?
Paintings by Paul Cezanne have sold for over a million dollars at auction houses, the last one fetching over $1.8 million
A forged Robert Motherwell painting was branded with the equivalent of a scarlet letter on Tuesday in a legal settlement
BBC News reports that "the forgeries came to light in 2008 after a buyer purchased what was thought to be a [Heinrich] Campendonk
Investigators said that the painting was most likely created by Wolfgang Beltracchi, the accused leader of a forgery ring