Avijit Roy

On the afternoon of February 26th, Avijit Roy was in Dhaka, finishing a column for BDNews24, a Bangladeshi Web site of news
This year to date, six people in Bangladesh who have promoted a natural and observation-based view of humanity's place in history have been hacked to death by those who seek to impose a particular supernatural view of humanity's origins and destiny.
Emboldened by the government's lack of action, the extremists will eventually expand their attacks on liberal politicians, journalists, writers and anyone who disagrees with their views and approach.
This year, it is Raif Badawi -- jailed, publicly lashed, and fined for standing up to the Saudi monarchy -- who is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside his also-imprisoned lawyer and brother-in-law Waleed Abulkhair.
Voices that promoted the value and beauty of viewing the world naturally were cut down by those who prefer a particular supernatural explanation for our origins and, although happening half a world away, this issue resonates directly with critical choices that our own society must make.
Washiqur Rahman, 27, was attacked and killed Monday morning (March 30) in the capital city of Dhaka by three men wielding
Roy published several books on secularism and free thought, including The Philosophy of Disbelief, and ran a blog dedicated
Bangladesh's anti-terrorism unit said it had arrested the main suspect in the case, Farabi Shafiur Rahman, in Dhaka on Monday
In 2013, religious militants targeted several secular bloggers who had demanded capital punishment for Islamist leaders convicted