I don't like to change. I really don't. I don't like any kind of change. I don't even like vacations because they take me
Many people, and a few penguins, will do anything imaginable to avoid confrontation when faced with blame or shame as a predictable
Their breakthrough hit song Pompeii vaulted English indie pop band Bastille into the spotlight. Now, three years on, it's
Trump may go down this fall, but he’s taking the media with him.
A guide to the tried and true Trump tactic of attacking the press rather than facing up to self-inflicted stumbles.
The current state of affairs in the United States has been the subject of much finger pointing. With pointed fingers come: blame. We blame the other party, the inaction of the senate, the constitution, corruption, and everything in between.
Resist the urge to fall into this common trap.
And if we ask, maybe we can stop losing so many goddamn headphones. Let me know of a situation where you blamed someone, then