Bob Peterson

Mind you, if your child really is a Good Dinosaur fan, they're certainly going to be surprised if they find Jack, Mary Alice
Disney has pushed the release of troubled Pixar production "The Good Dinosaur" from May 30, 2014 to Nov. 25, 2015. The move comes just three weeks after it was reported that "Good Dinosaur" director Bob Peterson had left the project.
"Nobody ever remembers the fact that you slipped a film, but they will remember a bad film," Catmull said to the Times on
At most studios, filmmakers try to keep the execs at bay, but at Pixar the Braintrust of six to twelve story gurus is intimately
Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" is due out in theaters in nine months, but that apparently hasn't stopped Pixar chief John Lasseter
Students need the support of librarians who help them get past the digital divide by providing Internet access and information literacy training, and connect their teachers with the latest tools.
Animated features are the fairy tales of today and have a profound impact on the children who experience them, such as films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs did for my generation.
Fifteen years since the release of Toy Story, Pixar has made it very clear that they would like to be considered a movie studio in the classic sense: their films all seem to illustrate a singular creative perspective.