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A key point to consider is whether these symptoms significantly affect daily living. If so, then Alzheimer's disease might
The school said there wasn't enough evidence to move forward on Sam Ukwuachu's charges, but a court just convicted him of sexual assault.
Notwithstanding a much more accurate national title setup, the College Football Playoff still must go one step further. An 8-team tournament is still a far better option and might have possibly gifted us a different title game, but we'll never know.
We have a feeling people working as delivery drivers for Chinese restaurants in Newark, Delaware don't mind making trips
On Friday, McKenzie presented the bill to a Senate committee and asked, “Would you rather that no one be armed but the murderer
The winner of the second game between Boise State and La Salle will take on No. 4 Kansas State in the West Region. Both the
9:10 p.m. EST: Boise State (21-10) vs. La Salle (21-9) The winner of the First Four game between Middle Tennessee State and
Also keep an eye on: Let's take a look at three things to watch in the clash between the Cougars and the Broncos on Thursday
When asked by a reporter hypothetically what would happen if Boise State came out wearing all blue at home next season, Thompson
According to police, five athletes are charged with forcible sexual penetration using a foreign object on their teammates
Kyle Brotzman, the Boise State kicker who missed two field goals in a 34-31 overtime loss to Nevada on Saturday, is reportedly
Nothing would do more to strengthen the clout of the system than an undefeated TCU or Boise State making it to the big game.
Chatroulette does an excellent job of representing the world in its truest form. Filled with "Irish spirit," we fired up a webcam and got ready for whatever the world had to offer on St. Patty's Day.
Chip Kelly, in his first year as Oregon's head football coach, made the decision to suspend Blount. What could he have done before the fact?