bone marrow donation

After losing my best friend to sickle cell disease when I was 16, I signed up to become a bone marrow donor – and saved a
Around the same time, a man in northern Germany named Chrestean Werth was inspired by a sick co-worker to add his name to
On June 4, Gaynor's father will fly to Buenos Aires to be tested to see if he is a match. Gaynor says the reunion with her
The fact is, most people know very little about the bone marrow donation process, and quite often, have outdated or inaccurate ideas about how it works.
"It's like a good feeling," she said, "because they're alive because of you." When doctors first discovered Julia was a perfect
"Your selfless act humbles me," the letter says. "I can't believe that a complete stranger would take the time and go through
In the process of giving bone marrow to my dad, I have discovered that we all have the power to change and possibly save a human life. Perhaps our hearts and minds, like fresh new cells, can open up a new world of possibility -- both for the one who receives the gift, and for the one who gives.
When I learned that I was a suitable donor, I realized our lives had come full circle. This is my chance to give something back to someone who has unconditionally given so much to me.
This is a present-tense story about a person in need of your and my help. There's a match out there for Nalini. Maybe it's you; maybe it's someone you know. It only requires a few moments of your time to find out.
Myths abound that bone marrow donation is extremely painful and fraught with side effects, and many individuals are thus
Angela Rugh, now a cancer-free 22-year-old college junior in Pennsylvania, thanked her hero and told reporters she wouldn't
Giving back gives us a guiding shared purpose that is greater than any self-interest, which makes us stronger as an organization. The power of caring cannot be measured in dollars, but is immeasurably valuable to all companies.
Cancer can affect any of us. Perhaps our child. Our brother or sister. Our parent. Our friend. We must increase the number of bone marrow donors registered, not just to save my friend Amit, but to protect our community. Join us.
"Unlike blood transfusions...successful marrow transfusions rely on matching as many as 10 different genetic markers...For
This week, the family, who is Filipino, organized a bone marrow drive through their local church in Mesquite, Texas, and
Be the Match: Sign Up As a Volunteer Donor In 2010, the well-known Brazilian television actress Drica Moraes was diagnosed
BATTERY PARK CITY -- Three-year-old Rayan Sher isn't just battling leukemia. The young Battery Park City resident is also
Congress can't criminalize things arbitrarily, and it certainly can't turn people into felons on the basis of a simple factual mistake, like treating bone marrow as if it were a solid organ.
Thousands of Americans -- many of them children -- needlessly die annually because they cannot find either a bone marrow or umbilical cord blood match to help treat conditions like lymphoma and leukemia.