boy names

You might be surprised that these names were once fairly popular for boys.
These melodic names are too sweet!
Stanley spent many a year in mothballs, the name of everybody's great uncle, but nobody's son. Adventurous namers seem to
Its meaning combining elements of the sun and sea makes this Latina favorite a great idea for a summer baby. Marisol was
I was a compromiser married to a world class control freak, and I tried not to be putty in his hands. Naming our daughter went down to the wire, narrowly beating out her delivery.
Cecily Parsley is a Beatrix Potter bunny, bearing a dainty, lacy appellation and joining other Potter cottontails Peter R
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GIRLS BOYS By Pamela Redmond Satran for Namberry Some expectant parents are looking for classic baby names, with deep roots
One of the great romantic legends of Ireland centers on Grainne, considered the most beautiful woman in the land, and the
Scarlett Johansson -- whose mother is a self-proclaimed movie buff and no doubt GWTW fan -- had her screen debut in the mid