It's taken me nearly five decades to come to a place in which I can articulate my personal brand in this way, and to quote
As a psychologist and human behavior expert who spends much of her time in the entertainment world, the mistakes seem obvious
TREND: Spotted - Customers and employees will increasingly cry out for companies to state what they stand for. Simon Sinek
As a small business owner, you might think that your business isn't "important" enough to work with large brands, but that
On the workplace review website Glassdoor, Southwest is rated one of the top places to work in the U.S. Excerpts from employees
They create a positive work place. They have an easier time attracting funding and investors. This can be a major marketing
Cynthia Johnson is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, author and keynote speaker. She is Founder and CEO at Ipseity
Museums always try to strike a balance between education and entertainment, but are often accused of catering only to the
I've saved this for last but not because it's the least important. As a matter a fact - it's the most important. Get your
In the late eighteen hundreds, users wanted "quality, consistency and safety" (1876-1919) - "Just give me a product that
It's all about perception. That's not to mention the million times I've misspelled the word plagiarism when handing out zeros
First, some background...I was out at a wonderful restaurant that offers a delicious modern Cantonese menu for an early dinner
What has happened politically and socially in the U.S., the U.K. and around the world in 2016 is a kick in the teeth to one
Understand who you are and the value you offer and don't be afraid to make a change. Although Mimika had already experienced
The campaign served as a commerce platform for her brand. Ms. Trump's brand of feminism was at direct odds with the campaign's misogyny, but hypocrisy didn't seem to weigh on her mind.
Since appearing in over 200 media outlets, building her personal brand to be one of the most recognized in fitness, and managing
Tyler Haney, CEO Courtesy of Outdoor Voices CEO as Brand Asset As CEO, Haney knows there's a need to develop a unique personal
A number of startups are looking to change the game, largely by smoothing out the selection process, making it easier, quicker
2- Increased trust through leveraged credibility- If consumers trust you they more they are willing to recommend you 3- Gives
Although the current election frenzy will soon be over, I want to examine three challenges to our election process and propose possible solutions for consideration.