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In signing off on Democrat Jared Golden's victory, Maine's outgoing Republican governor took one last dig at the state's ranked-choice voting system.
A Democratic experiment in Maine shows the issue hurt GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin.
In a meeting with a conservative women's group, a freshman GOP Congressman suggests that Donald Trump's meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan is not what it's been presented to be.
The teacher wrote on Facebook that "everything offends everyone all the time."
Real trials discover truth. Political carnivals dressed up as "hearings," like the inquisitions of Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, are about fantasies of power and the outcome of elections.
Tea party-backed businessman and former Maine state Treasurer Bruce Poliquin defeated state Sen. Emily Cain (D-Maine) in
Here are the issue-by-issue stands for Emily Cain and David Poliquin, with additional links at the bottom for each candidate if you'd like to dig deeper.
During the primary, Poliquin painted Raye as excessively liberal for a Republican, and criticized him for refusing to sign