Bye Bye Birdie

Justin Bieber is no Bobby Rydell. That's not a dig, it's just a fact. For starstruck millennials, the Biebs may be the current teen idol, but Bobby Rydell was one of the first teenage singers who trailblazed his way into the hearts of every tween and teenage girl alive back in the late 50s, early 60s.
I married somebody half my age and everybody thought I was crazy, but she is just an absolute angel ... and the age difference hasn't been a problem at all. Emotionally I'm about 13. She's very, very wise for her age so I'm just having the time of my life.
On last night's episode of "Family Guy," those who stuck around until the credits got a pretty interesting view of our current
Sports programs often produce extremely competitive students whose careers peak early in life. Arts programs often produce extremely creative students whose critical thinking skills deepen as they mature.
Playwright William Inge wrote the original screenplay about a Navy serviceman who returns to his small town, Maple Grove
If you wish your life in New York were a musical comedy (whatever; I do), Ordinary Days -- an operetta-style show now playing -- allows you to experience that dream vicariously.
Too often the only review that counts is the Times pronouncement via Ben Brantley or Charles Isherwood. This time Brantley's response was not what's known as "a money notice."
Gina Gershon wore a vest and tuxedo pants to the "Bye, Bye Birdie" on Broadway opening party Thursday night. With a fur chubby
Should the classic bubblegum musical "Bye Bye Birdie" be more P.C.? Apparently so. According to Gina Gershon, who stars as