A digital artist created the software, which tags Belgian politicians and asks them to "pls stay focused!"
The Californian was released and told to stay away from musician Keyon Harrold and his son after falsely accusing the teen of stealing her phone.
"Me: steps into kitchen, call drops. Hilary Swank: Facetimes from the moon."
Your cell phone is "probably the dirtiest thing any human has on them at any time," an AT&T worker said.
The "Last Week Tonight" host takes a break to rant about one smartphone feature that bugs him.
The president, who was outraged about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, talked with Giuliani on a personal cellphone.
Although the alert wasn’t actually sent by Trump, people had a lot of fun pretending that it was.
The president is said to use a cellphone that lacks top security features and ignores advice to regularly swap his Twitter phone.
It's safety advice for an unclear, undefined threat to health.
New guidelines advise people to keep phones "away from the body."
The former Trump campaign manager says he's working with a company developing secure, virtually indestructible phones. That's questionable.
When he was presiding over a case at the Supreme Court.
"The grandmaster of gaming and good old snakes is back!!!"
See all 17 trends for 2017 here. Your home: It takes steely determination to follow the principles that make life simple
As a mom, I'm usually knee-deep in kid stuff and/or surrounded by screaming children. And during those times, the absolute last thing I want to do is chat. With anyone. About anything.
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