The president, who was outraged about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, talked with Giuliani on a personal cellphone.
Although the alert wasn’t actually sent by Trump, people had a lot of fun pretending that it was.
The president is said to use a cellphone that lacks top security features and ignores advice to regularly swap his Twitter phone.
It's safety advice for an unclear, undefined threat to health.
The former Trump campaign manager says he's working with a company developing secure, virtually indestructible phones. That's questionable.
When he was presiding over a case at the Supreme Court.
"The grandmaster of gaming and good old snakes is back!!!"
Your brain: For many, there is a sense of being sucked into our smartphones and tablets in ways that have all the empty, repetitive
As a mom, I'm usually knee-deep in kid stuff and/or surrounded by screaming children. And during those times, the absolute last thing I want to do is chat. With anyone. About anything.
Youtuber Chrissy Renaee makes comedy related videos on her youtube channel 'itschrissyrenaee' every wednesday. Stop Calling
It didn't prove cellphones are deadly, but maybe take some precautions.
Pupil phone use: It is important to have a clear school policy on pupil phone use, to inform parents about this and to explain
My research has explored underserved youth's use of technology to discover and participate in content related to their interests. Having access only through their mobile devices means that low-income families and youth do not have the same access to the Internet as those with other Internet connections
M.I.T. Professor and author of Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle, explains the trouble with texting at mealtime.
Rejoice! But only if you're on this one major carrier.