Believe it. Felix Jaehn is here to stay. To get you in the mood for the music video launch this Friday, check out Chris Lake's
In the realm of sports, the cheerleader is charged with being supportive of their team by cheering them on and keeping the crowd hyped. As a sports fan myself, I remember the nights at my high school football games watching all the action on the field.
Start embracing the value of building relationships with everyone and anyone even though you do not see how they might help you right now. There is always something that you learn distinctly from every connection you nurture.
Bring It On satirically addresses social injustices while comically delving into a popular subculture. As it turns out, the Toros of Rancho Carne High were tackling issues of feminism, race, and gender roles well before Rowan Blanchard was a plus sign on a pregnancy test.
The slutty, ditzy mean girl of an archetype is fading from pop culture.
Before the Ohio State Buckeyes ran over the Oregon Ducks Monday night they ran over one of their own.
“The majority of people in this area want to have prayer before a ball game, and I don't think its right for a minority out