This week I talked with Rev. Christie Hardwick about the fourth annual Provincetown Inspiration Weekend that takes place
How the bigger-than-life governor from the great state of New Jersey delivered that clap on the front runner's back with a straight face is beyond comprehension.
The Best (And Worst) Moments From The GOP Charleston Debate
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Tuesday cited a bomb hoax that forced the closure of all schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to make the case that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were mishandling the country's national security.
For an ambitious, surging politician, Chris Christie's desire to run for a second term as Governor, and to win in a landslide, would have been irresistible -- but in retrospect it may have been a defining mistake.
To win in 2016, the party's leaders should recognize what regular people already know. Polling finds overwhelming support for the wind production tax credit, including 63 percent of registered Republicans. It's time for the Republican presidential field to see that swing state voters want their energy clean, and they want it made at home.
We can only guess how politicians will be spending the holiday this year, but we've compiled the love stories of a few famous
Parents can opt out of having their kids vaccinated for either philosophical or religious reasons, depending on the state. Posturing as a defender of individual liberty, when people already have it, is selfish political grandstanding and nothing more.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) came out as a vaccine choicer Tuesday, saying it should be up to parents to decide whether to inoculate their children against deadly diseases that could infect the rest of the population.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said parents should have "some measure of choice" when it comes to vaccinating their children.
Is it legal for a state (or the federal) government to detain and quarantine you against your will for health reasons? Yes. Has this sort of thing been done before? Yes. Will it be effective? No. Is it just a political ploy to garner votes from a panicked public? Oh my yes.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made several TV appearances Sunday
Christie's policy, implemented in conjunction with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), runs well beyond what scientific professionals
As he pursues his national "explorations" the governor is sure to be asked about this failure to follow through. And if he really wanted to have bragging rights about what has happened in New Jersey, he clearly missed his best chance by failing to fight for true budget reform.
Attorney Robert Khardashian's thorough investigation into the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman demonstrates a
Imagine if your business profits doubled or tripled in one year without you doing anything extra, and it stayed that way for years.
Can we escape the past? No. And why should we? For one, we've spent far more time in the past than we do in the present. The present, at best, lasts the blink of an eye...if you blink really, really quickly.
The scandal has gotten too much press time, and Christie has gone too far out on a limb saying he's innocent to politically survive being proven false.