c.j. wilson

With his new Hold On to Me Darling, at the Atlantic, Kenneth Lonergan has written one of the season's most head-scratching plays. That's if it's not the most head-scratching entry, as directed--but not necessarily thoroughly helped along--by Neil Pepe.
Two NFL players have lost fingers in the last week alone.
The cast members -- despite their now-you-hear-them-now-you-don't accents -- are up to their character's challenges.
Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson went on an aerobatic flight recently with two-time Red Bull Air Race world champion
Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson had a bad start to the second inning on Tuesday night at Tropicana Field. Before giving up the
C.J. Wilson is off the market. The Los Angeles Angels pitcher got engaged earlier this week to supermodel Lisalla Montenegro
Don't let the fear of losing a great player to another team cause you to sign an expensive, long-term contract at a disadvantageous time. Let the competition waste millions.
Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison, another big league Twitter convert, retweeted Wilson's initial tweet, adding the
Next time you hear sportscasters and sportswriters wax poetic about what a great baseball town St. Louis is, ask them why then did Albert Pujols feel compelled to leave town?