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Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs present "#Bars Medley Vol. 2."
Because even avid readers get lazy when it comes to texting.
Margaret Mitchell's path to success offers important lessons that hold true after eight decades of drastic changes in tastes, culture, mores, business and technology. Besides the obvious -- be a spellbinding storyteller -- here are six takeaways that may help other writers.
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Artists are recovering the classics in an attempt to highlight the value of making information free.
Okay, the snacks were great, and so was the wine. But the books were awful. I wanted to have fun, but everyone kept voting for books that were depressing. They called them "classics."
Everyone has at least one classic book they're meant to be given. By you.
I respect the fact that my course isn't the center of my students' lives; I understand this isn't the 70s or any other decade. It's now, and college has changed drastically.
Many of my readers have asked which books I would recommend that offer fundamental insights into the drive for personal power, and the way it affects individuals. Numerous authors have tackled this subject in memoirs, novels and plays.