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The dating app Hinge has figured out which universities are the "most desirable." Like the similar dating app Tinder, Hinge
Fraternities should not control who attends social events. Competition should not be a way of life for college women. Sex should not be an obligation. The sooner the problems of an archaic fraternity-sorority dynamic are corrected, the sooner the overall college experience can be far richer.
She has kept with the column for so long, in part, to open the eyes and expand the knowledge bases of students who, she says, "received, at best, an inadequate sexuality education in high school or at home, and at worst, no sexuality education to speak of."
The greater the number of casual sex partners a person reported having, the more likely they were to have been discriminated
At the University of Southern California, sex has a price. In economic terms, it is much too low. In consequential terms
When it comes to penis size, the conventional wisdom is that bigger is always better, but according to a panel of college
HuffPost Live goes on campus to explore the latest sex and relationship trends at colleges across America. We discuss why penis size matters for both partners in the relationship.
If you want to promote your regular buddy into a fuck buddy but you're worried that crossing the line might ruin your friendship
"There are really at least three groups -- those who graduate college without ever having sex, those who have sex only in
This landmark law mandates that both partners issue "an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual
Julia McCarthy and William Altabef join HuffPost Live to explain why "consent is sexy" for college students.
Tax dollars did not fund the UNM Sex Week events. Instead, the funding came entirely from student fees -- money that comes
Another, less provocative video encourages parents to talk about consent with their teenagers: UltraViolet plans to target
Everyone on campus is not going out, getting wasted and shacking up with a random person every weekend. Having a ton of random
Byers says she has reclaimed her sexuality and realizes the sexual assault "wasn't my fault," she said. Speaking to Cosmo
"Can I go down on you?" "No," I responded, breathless. "Not yet." Read more on Cosmopolitan
The study consisted of two parts: In the first stage, 55 male and 94 female participants between the ages of 18 and 24 were
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