corrections corporation of america

The bill would make it easier for private prison corporations to help the federal government lock up migrant families.
From what we know about the plan, when Trump says "rebuild," he really means "privatize."
Last week was a turning point. The U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) announcement that it will wind down its use of private prisons is a major step in the struggle to end for-profit incarceration in America.
Why are asylum seekers being held in detention for months or years while they wait for the resolution of their case?
Private prison companies are roadblocks to meaningful criminal justice reform. Every taxpayer dollar that goes to their profits is a dollar not spent on improving conditions in jails and prisons or investing in alternatives to incarceration.
Despite the bizarre politics on display in Cleveland, sometimes knowing where someone stands on an issue is pretty straightforward. We can be sure about this: The private prison industry doesn't share our goal of ending mass incarceration.
Her campaign says she wants to "end the era of mass incarceration."