Weiss: It can't go on for 13 years. We need these actors while they can still play the characters. There's still a long way
The best art is that which is both imaginative and mimetic, providing scenarios that engage our sense of wonder while in some way mirroring the processes of our own world.
We have seen beheadings, murders, the trading of men and women for profit and gain, and yes, we have seen the rape of women. Yet, somehow this rape sticks with me more than the others. I am trying to tease out why.
The episode will air on FX's new sister network FXX, which is set to launch in early September with "Always Sunny" serving
Still, he went on to explain, "We were a little surprised at first by what an impression Joffrey made on the audience." Gleeson
Benioff agreed, saying: "The longer you work in this business, you start to be able to more see the carpentry. You can see
What are you most looking forward to about the "GoT" return? Weigh in below! Excited yet? The trailer also offers a glimpse
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Were there any sort of staffing changes that you made or certain production things that you can point to in terms of the
The question was partly prompted by the theory that the show would need two seasons to deal with "A Storm of Swords," the
"Game of Thrones" looks consistently magnificent now, in every respect. Each aspect of Westeros and beyond looks even more rich and textured. The gritty realness of every object the characters touch and own adds to the atmosphere.