debo adegbile

In 2014, the law enforcement group scared the Democratic-controlled Senate into rejecting a civil rights lawyer nominated by President Barack Obama.
WASHINGTON -- The newly named acting head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is a well-respected ACLU lawyer
Adegbile, who will focus his practice in WilmerHale's Litigation/Controversy Department, said he "immediately began to consider
WASHINGTON -- Debo Adegbile, President Barack Obama's beleaguered nominee to lead to the Justice Department's Civil Rights
"No vote scheduled right now, while we wait for the White House to decide how they want to deal with him," said a senior
"As students, professors and practitioners, your vote alarmed us," the group wrote to Coons. "It signaled a lack of respect
Ukraine erupted in crisis during the past week, as Russia's Vladimir Putin essentially grabbed Crimea in his own hissy fit. President Obama, of course, has very limited options for dealing with Russia.
In this case, the result of the willingness of Republicans to embrace a strategy far beyond the pale combined with the announced
Someone, such as Adegbile, would have thoughtfully and aggressively enforced the nation's civil rights and voting rights which are exactly the very thing that the GOP has done everything possible to undermine. Now we can add a troop of timid and self-serving Democrats to that shameful list.
Reid said that it was a "courageous" decision by Adegbile and that "he didn't do this lightly." The fact that Adegbile's